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If you want to do something meaningful, that is a lot of fun and really opens your heart, you should go with the Dog Shelter Palomino for a tour.

The Dogshelter Palomino is ran by Franyer, Miguel and Aimee and founded by the Sibylle & Beat foundation. The shelter rescues street dogs, takes care of them and finds them a home. To provide the dogs with food, medicines and castrate them. They organize walking tours with the dogs. The first option is a tour that goes up into the mountains, from you'll have an amazing view over Palomino, its rivers, the sea and the beautiful Sierra Nevada. The second option is a hike to a river beach on the Palomino river. There you'll have a mini picnic and can go for a refreshing swim with the dogs.

Miguel and Franyer were our tour guides. They do an amazing job taking care of these animals and do it in a very loving and responsible way. We choose for the mountain tour, once we were up we had a stunning view over the mountains, and saw some snow! During our walk we had very nice talks with Miguel and Franyer about nature, life and of course: their dogs. They brought us delicious fruits and we had a mini picnic up in the mountain. All together it took us about two hours, but they flew by. It was hard leaving these cute dogs behind, since we got a bit attached, but it was an amazing, heart opening experience.


You can book your tour on the Instagram channel or by Whatsapp +57 300 718 64 60.

Got touched by the story, but don't want to hike? Contact them and donate!

Costs and what is it for

The tour costs around 45`000 COP but extra donations are very welcome. They need the money to take care of these dogs, and the many more that need their help.

We can highly recommend it. It was one of our highlights here in Palomino!

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