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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Don't leave Colombia without seeing the locals dance. Colombia has amazing music and people sure know how to dance to it. Palomino's strip is Carrera 6, where you'll find most of the bars. It's just where you'll want to be on the weekend - read about our favorite places to go to shake those hips!

All are found at Nomada

Our absolute favorite is the Nomada bar/discotheque on Carrera 6. It's a colorful, open space with a high ceiling, tables and chairs with plenty of room to dance. The music is a mix of Colombian classics (salsa, bachata, merengue) plus the inevitable reggaeton and local champeta. When you go to Nomada, you'll probably find owner Dani behind the bar, a very nice local guy who's been running this bar for a few years now. All the locals know Dani, who likes to please his customers by playing their favorite songs. In the bar you will find different types of natoional and imported beers, as well as a good selection of classic cocktails. Nomada's audience is a mix of locals and tourists, who meet each other on the dance floor. Colombians, like most Latinos, love music and dancing. They all know how to dance salsa, bachata and merengue. Not only do they know the steps, they feel the music and let their hips move naturally. Have fun with it and join them on the dance floor, they will show you how to move your hips!


Timbal is the only real salsa bar in Palomino. It's located on Carrera 6 just around the corner from Nomada. Timbal is owned by two young Colombians who love salsa music. On a normal night it's a bit quiet, but on the salsa nights they organize you'll hear the best of salsa and see spinning and twisting on another level. You can also contact them for salsa lessons.


Although we love traveling and meet new people, we are not the type to stay in a party hostel. After all, there's nothing better than a good night's sleep in a quiet environment. That said, Party Hostels are great places to meet with other travelers and have some fun at night. Around 6th Street there are a few hostels that host parties. There are places like Juntos, Maria Mulata and Sua that organize nights with live music. El Zoo (Electronic Music), Cuyagua and The Dreamer Hostel are good places to go if you feel like partying and meeting fellow travelers, you won't find many local here.

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