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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Make sure you get the fullest out of your vacation? Plan a spa day at Colibri Spa. You'll find many options for beauty treatment and specialized massages. A high quality spa in a beautiful tree house.

You will find Colibri Spa on Carrera 10 in the garden of hotel Casa del Pavo Real. The spa is owned by Edith, a very nice Bogotanian woman. Edith is qualified to do many types of (beauty) treatments and massages. We went there for a massage and it was heavenly. Edith really knows what she's doing and we got out completely relaxed and reborn. She might not be the cheapest in town, but if it comes to health and well being, we just want to give the best to ourselves, right?


You have to make a reservation, you can do that directly by Whatsapp on (+57) 312 473 37 79.

Have a look at her place and services on her Instagram.

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1 commentaire

Rahul Negi
Rahul Negi
23 mai 2023

Appreciate the insights you've shared.

Very helpful tips, thanks for sharing.

please visit my website..

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