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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Palomino is a great place for surfing. Theirs waves for everyone, from the advanced local surfer to the beginning kids and tourists. While we were looking at the surfers in beach club La Ola Laura decided to give it a try, read all about her experience with Surf con José in this article.

For me, travelling is all about new experiences, insights and pushing your boundaries. At the beach I started to talk to surf teacher José, a super enthusiastic guy from Venezuela, who's a sport education graduate with a surf teacher licence. An extra plus: he speaks English! José works together with his father. After chatting I felt like José really knows how to teach, knows the sea and how to get me standing up on that board.

We started with a short warm-up to avoid injuries. After that we practiced the technique of standing up on the board. José showed me how to count every step and be in the right position to be able to stand up. After rehearsal, it was time to go in. I took my class at 8 in the morning so the sun was not too strong. The circumstances were good, José told me, a small wave and no wind. After finding the right spot, José invited me to lay down on the longboard and told me to focus on the four steps he taught me. Once the wave came, he gave a small pushed and I felt the wave taking me towards the beach. I focused on my steps: place my hands under my chest, bend my left leg, push myself up and ... fall into the water. 'Good job!' José cheered. After picking me up he gave me a high five and some feedback, after 3 more attempts, I was able to rise up from the board and surf my first wave. What an amazing feeling! I got hooked and decided to keep following classes with José, since he got me motivated and we had so much fun. A real teacher, with a passion for surf and an awesome dude!

Highly recommendable!


You can contact Jose directly on his Instagram, surf_con_jose or you can find him at the beach directly in front of Hotel Makao.

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