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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

On the 6th street you will find many shops with incredible handcraft. It's a good place to shop for some authentic souvenirs at a fair price. Want something unique? Check out these brands by young Palomino based designers!

The Mochila

The women of Colombia's indigenous communities dedicate a lot of time to crocheting beautiful items. Their most famous would be the 'mochila', a handmade bag they make in all patterns, colors and sizes. Though you'll find these bags throughout the entire country, a lot of them are made in this region. Every tribe has their own signature bag. The Wayúu women for example make the most colorful bags with amazing patterns, while the Koguis use more natural colors and simple designs. Depending on the material and time of making, a bag will cost you 80.000-200.000 pesos and will last the rest of your life. You'll find these bags and more at the 6th street.

New Local Brands

Palomino seems to be a magnet for creative people. Through Instagram we found some brands of Palomino based artists that can set you up with some incredible souvenirs.

Studio Yoco is runned by Joselyn, a Dutch, Colombian based artist living in Palomino. She's a collector of (broken) vintage jewelry and uses their materials to make new and unique items. We contacted her through her instagram and she invited us into her lovely house. We ended up having great conversations about living in Palomino as a foreigner and ordered custom-made rings and some souvenirs. Despite their exclusivity, these items are very well prices. Prices start from 15.000 to 70.000COP. Order or contact her directly through her instagram.

The Caribbean is very colorful, so your clothes should be too! Un Pescao designs modern tropical shirts for men and women. They limit their production to small badges of the same print to keep the shirts unique. Owner Juan Camilo designs the prints and works with local women to make them. These beauties are made of an airy, good quality fabric that doesn't wrinkle (perfect when traveling!). One of these shirts will costs you around 90.000COP. Order a shirt by contacting them through instagram!

So (I) Laura got tired of my black bikini after being surrounded by all these happy colors. While checking out some things in one of the nice shops at the sixth street, Azul Profundo, I found a brand specialized in bathing suits and bikinis called Chicas al Agua. Because I needed a different size of this beautiful red one-piece, I got in touch with the owner and designer, a Bogotanian surf girl named Johanna. She came to our hotel with different designs in my size, really nice and colorful designs and bikinis that will stay put while diving into the sea or surfing!

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